To assist with pre-5th April planning, the Bourse Group has put together its Bourse Non-Dom Solution suite of products and research tools. An overview of the challenges facing non-doms can be found here with an explanation of the Bourse Non-Dom Solution found here.

Long-term UK Resident Non-Doms

The Bourse Non-Dom Solution has been built using one or more of a Trust (whether established on an executory basis or settlement by transfer of full legal title to the trustee), a Bond, an Annuity or a Pension and the Bourse Group is capable of administering/issuing all of these products. You can either access application forms direct from the links provided or use the tools within the Bourse Non-Dom Solution to decide on the most appropriate allocation of assets between products.

The Bourse Non-Dom Solution is designed to solve both the challenges with timing and the complexity of the issues involved and offers the option of:

Extension of IHT to offshore companies and partnerships owning UK residential property

Whilst not strictly part of the Bourse Non-Dom Solution (as the change will affect non-UK residents), we have prepared a decision analysis to assist non-UK resident individuals, who own UK residential property through offshore companies and partnership, to mitigate their liability to IHT, along with an accompanying information sheet.

For further information relating to possible application of Bourse Products or the Bourse Non-Dom Solution. Please use the information resources provided or speak to your usual Bourse contact or email non-domsolution@bourse.ggPlease note that certain documents relating to the Bourse Non-Dom Solution are only available on request.


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Bourse 2017 Nom-Dom Solution

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