Bourse is based in Guernsey and is one of the largest independently operated financial services companies on the island. Since our establishment in 1999, we have expanded our operations from the provision of offshore trust services to being a provider of products and services in a variety of business areas.

Bourse has strong connections with senior tax Counsel and spends considerable time and effort developing new strategies. In addition to our own professional staff, we maintain panels of expert advisers to whom we can refer on specific matters.

While Bourse can provide general information about its products and services we cannot provide legal, tax or other professional advice. Our products reach the market through our network of trusted advisers who provide the advice for the people whose affairs we administer.

Bourse is committed to maintaining close relationships with our clients and their advisors. At all times, we respect the relationship between the advisor and their client and work only to enhance these relationships.


Our Terms and Conditions 

Bourse 2017 Nom-Dom Solution

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