Bourse Malta offers clients the ability to acquire yachts and aircraft by way of a Malta-based structure, allowing for the substantial saving on the VAT which would otherwise be payable on the relevant acquisition. Two types of structure are available, as outlined below, and, in each case, Bourse Malta offers a ‘one-stop service’, undertaking all of the relevant corporate formalities and making all of the required taxation notifications.

Yacht Leasing

Bourse Malta will incorporate a new company to acquire and hold a yacht with the yacht then leased to the client under a lease agreement. At the commencement of the arrangement, Bourse Malta will liaise with the client to establish the best lease-based structure to meet that client’s needs, taking into account the required length of lease, the value of the yacht to be acquired and any other relevant factors. At the end of the lease, the client will acquire the yacht with a reduction in the VAT payable.

Commercial Yacht Holding Companies

Instead of operating a leasing structure, a client can opt to have Bourse Malta incorporate a new company to acquire and hold a yacht with a view to allowing that yacht to be chartered by third parties (which may include the client). This position is open-ended, allowing the client flexibility on either acquiring or disposing of the yacht.

Aircraft Leasing

Instead of the above arrangements being applied to yachts, a similar structure may be applied to the acquisition of aircraft. Bourse Malta should be happy to discuss the acquisition of aircraft if desired.

About Bourse Malta

Bourse Malta is experienced in structuring and administering Malta-based structures which allow for the ownership of yachts and aircraft whilst securing a reduction in the VAT payable on the yacht or aircraft acquired.

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