Bourse Trust Company Limited provides a wide range of trustee products and services to individuals, families and corporate clients throughout the world. As one of Guernsey’s leading independent trust companies we are a bespoke provider of trustee services.

Bourse has considerable expertise in trust administration and law, working closely with our clients to make sure their financial arrangements evolve as legislation and regulations change.

Options and Solutions for High Net Worth Clients

Bourse Ultra is the Private Client arm of Bourse Trust Company Limited and combines the skills of a proven and well established trust administration provider with expert private client practitioners. Bourse Ultra has the combined expertise and resources to provide tailored options and solutions for high net worth entrepreneurs and families. We can create and manage the appropriate family office structure and “mix and match” the services required in each case.

Bourse Ultra is flexible. Our team can appoint the right person at the right time, whether you need a litigation expert for a day, a mediator for a month or a reconstruction specialist for a year.

Bourse 2017 Nom-Dom Solution

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